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Rovers 20-21 season player form

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PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2021 9:52 pm    Post subject: Rovers 20-21 season player form Reply with quote

Yes, I know we have the play-offs, but he's a view on the regular season performance:

Jamie MacDonald – 10 of 10. Brilliant signing, and likely a primary reason for the Rovers great season. A couple of goals can be blamed on him, but his reactions and saves kept us in many matches.

Reghan Tumilty – 7 of 10. Faded a bit toward the end of the season, but a solid, steady presence on the right side and a reliable crosser and shooting threat.

Kieran MacDonald – 7 of 10. Would have been an 8 except for the injuries and missed time. Valuable crossing present, complements Tumilty well. Would prefer as a full tuime player.

Iain Davidson – 5 of 10. Valuable passing presence, but now too slow and his play shows he knows it. Finished at this level, and a liability due to reputation and hot temper.

Fernandy Mendy – 3 of 10. Looked acceptable in early play, but shown to be wanting in the finale versus Hearts. Has the physical attributes, but not the positional sense, needed at CB in the Championship.

Kyle Benedictus – 8 of 10. Seems to have recovered from his injury and regained the form to play CB at this level. A steadying presence.

Daniel Armstrong – 7 of 10. Great utility player, scoring a 9 of 10 on that attribute. Able to play left back and right wing with equal flair, but over-confident in his skills to cross or shoot. Young enough to still have a good amount of room for improvement.

Regan Hendry – 8 of 10. While a 10 of 10 on days when he is in the zone, he too often tries to take on too much when his teammates are having an off day. When he relaxes and is allowed to play his natural role as a more attacking mid, he can be unstoppable.

Manny Duku – 6 of 10. Started out on fire and, as predicted, disappeared. Has the physical talents, but lacks a good first touch.

Lewis Vaughan – 7* of 10. Is a game changer when healthy and confident, but played little this year. When he did play, looks to be rounding back into form. On form, is a 9+ of 10 player at this level.

Timmy Abraham – Incomplete. Never saw enough, flashes of skill in a sea of meh.

Ross Matthews – 8 of 10. A vital cog in the midfield, brings something to the team that you can’t really communicate, but you know when you see it.

Brad Spencer – 6 of 10. Would easily become a 7 or 8 if he could reliably perform game after game, but is a very streaky player.

Frankie Musonda – 8 of 10. Ultimate defensive player, comfortable at RB, LB and CB. Almost always seemed to be playing well within himself and suggests that he still has a good upside. Injury concern is the only downside.

David McKay – Incomplete. Hasn’t played, but the fact he was re-signed after the gaffer watched his return in practice suggests he’s back to his previous form or better. Valuable RB cover and an experienced CB with Bene.

Jake Smith – Incomplete. Played very little, showed a flash or two.

Robbie Thomson – 6 of 10. Started once and played in two other games. Was inoffensive and fulfilled the role of backup goalie well. Can’t ask much else.

Dylan Tait – 7 of 10. Is showing an unfortunate tendency to pickup cards. Very much a streaky player, who is an 8 or 9 when on and a 5 or 6 when not. Should mature nicely, if he can shake those Davoish tendancies.

Luke Mahady – No grade.

David McGurn – No grade.

Kai Kennedy – 7 of 10. A pest on the wing or in the middle, just the kind of player you want to drive the other side nuts. Has the skills to mature into an excellent player.

Nathan Cooney – Incomplete, but looked a bit adrift against Hearts.

Gozie Ugwu – 5 of 10. Good physicality and skills, but always seems to fall just short or be just wide.

Aaron Arnott – No grade

Adam King – 5 of 10. Solid midfield passer, with little attacking threat and a mediocre defensive presence. Might improve with more exposure, as he definitely improved with a couple of games late.

Quinn Coulson – No grade

Kyle Bow – No grade

Jamie Gullan – 7 of 10. Excellent offensive threat and willing to take the shot, which always makes the defenders start on the back foot.

Lars Lokotsch – 5 of 10. Good skills, but not suited to our formation/attack. Useful as a front man to draw defenders.

Ethan Ross – 8 of 10. Destined to be a true threat on the wing for a top level team. Has the ball skills and confidence needed to be a true scoring machine.
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